lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009


Her name is Kate Armstrong and she is 17 years old. She loves gymnastics and her dream is to win a gold medal at the Olympics. She fights for her dream. First her team and she won the British Women´s Team Championship for seniors, and then they travel to Belarus where she meets her greatest rival, Estelle Lorraine, the arrogant French girl. All the girls have to take the blood test. But Kate had some drugs in her body and she can´t participate in the Olympics.
Finally, the police discovered a residue of drugs in Monique´s room and she has to confess (Monique is Estelle´s trainer). Kate has to take the blood test again and she can participate and she is the champion and her dream comes true!
I like this book because I love gymnastics too and my dream is the same. This book reflected the reality with the blood
test, stress, hard working, etc...
Ana García Sanz

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  1. wooooooooooow a mi tambien me encanta este libro porque practico gimnasia y es interesante encontrarte un libro asi en el colegio :)