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The queen and I (Sue Townsend)

This story begins one day when the Queen of England was watching TV and the news said that the new system of government in the country was a Republic. So the Queen and all her family have to go to a poor neighbourhood. She has to do a lot of things to get money, food… for her family. While she was living in Hell Close there were many disgraces, for example : Harris goes to a Mental Hospital, her mother dies, she doesn’t get enough money, Charles goes to prison, Diana and Anne fall in love and she doesn’t like it, she feels betrayed by her son Edward because he almost marries Sayako (A princess from Japan). Mr Barkes doesn’t do his work as a president very well and finally all the story is just the Queen´s nightmare .

This book is a good criticism about the English Royal Family because they are humiliated when they must go to a poor neighbourhood; but this book was disappointing too because it ends up being a nightmare and not a real situation.

Ana García Sierra (1º BCT)

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