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Scarlett O´Hara wasn´t very beautiful but because of her charm every men tried to flirt with her. She was in love with Ashley Wilkes but he was going to get married to Melanie Hamilton. When Scarlett heard the horrible news she was very sad and upset. At the party, in which the engagement was going to be announced, Scarlett said to Ashley she loved him and she tried to marry him, but it was futile, so Scarlett got married to Charlie Hamilton (Melanie´s brother). Charlie died early. Scarlett was pregnant and the baby was born after her father´s death. Scarlett travelled to Atlanta to stay with Charlie´s aunt, Pitty Hamilton. There, she met Melanie Hamilton and Rhett Butler who Scarlett had hated since the party although he loved her.But as time passed , Scarlett began to love him . When Ashley came back from the war (because this story is developed simultaneously with a war) Scarlett realized she kept on loving him.
I have liked this novel a lot because it is a mixture of love and history. I love romantic novels and with this book, apart from enjoying the love story, I have also learnt American history.
Marta Giménez Campos

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