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Antonio is a young Spanish boy who loves Britain. He goes there frequently because he has many friends. In this story Antonio visits his favourite places.
In London he visits Trafalgar Square on New Year’s Eve and the Globe Theatre where he sees a performance and he goes to English pubs. In York he goes to see the Jorvik Viking Centre, he stays in a B&B hotel. With John he goes to the Gothic cathedral "York Minster" and the castle museum. In Oxford Antonio learns about the Scholastica Massacre, the May Ball and May morning. With one of his friends from the university, Nicola Caswell, spends Christmas day and a fantastic time with her family.
In Cardiff he goes to his friend’s wedding, Gareth at castle Coch in Wales. There he goes to the Royal National Eisteddfod with Gareth's cousin Angharad. In Cornwall, Wales, he meets Richard who tells him stories about Cornwall. In Manchester he goes to a restaurant with Louise where he sees a famous footballer and he goes to a football match. In Edinburgh he stays with Martin and they go to the Festival Fringe, then they visit Edinburgh castle and listens to a choir at Saint Giles Cathedral. They leave Edinburgh and go to Dunkeld where they can see the Highland Games and they eat haggis. Then they go to see Loch Ness Monster.
Francisco José Felipe 1º BC A

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