jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2011

ELECTURAS EN INGLÉS: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

One day Mr Utterson and his friend Mr Enfield were walking and they passed an old building next to a dark courtyard. Mr Enfield told Mr Utterson a frightening story about this building. In the story appeared Mr Hyde, a man that Dr Jekyll would give all his money and possessions if he disappeared for more than three months. Utterson was Jekyll's friend and for this reason he wanted to investigate about Hyde. Later Hyde murdered a well- known person and the police looked for him.
Months later Utterson discovered that Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde were the same person, because Jekyll invented a potion that converted him in Hyde (a bad person) and if he wanted to be the other person he had to drink the potion again, but the situation was stronger than him, he was Jekyll and few hours later was Hyde and he couldn’t get out because the police wanted Hyde. Finally he died.
 In my opinion Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a good book but I like other kind of book.
This book is interesting and it is difficult to stop reading it. I like it despite my tastes.
 Daniela Fernández Negrete 4º A

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  1. Maybe you can read a joke book. Some jokes are good, even in English. For example:
    - Where did Dr. Jekyll find his best friend?

    - In Hyde Park.

    You can laugh and learn a lot from them!