martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011


     Mr Phielas Fogg is a rich and very quiet man that bets his companions of Reform Club that he can go around de world in eighty days. In his journey he has got a lot of adventures, in one of these adventures he meets one woman, Aouda, who he marries at the end of the story.   
He thinks that he’s lost the bet, but he has a mistake on one day, and wins the bet which was 20000 pounds.
 Personal opinion   
I liked this book because personally I like adventure books, even with a little more action. It is also fun and easy to read thanks to its easy vocabulary.
 Andrea Mora Sánchez  (4ºA)

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  1. If you try to travel by train from Teruel to other places in Spain, you will probably remember Mr Fogg: Renfe seems not to have the FOGGIEST idea of what public transport must be.

  2. By train? Philleas Fogg would become Fobias Fogg!!