domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009


I think this book is enterntaining and easy to read. I like the story, the characters and the situations that arise between them, sometimes very funny.
William Thacker sees Anna Scott(a famous actress of Beverly Hills) for the first time in his bookshop. Then he meets her again in the street and invites her to his house. Both of them start to feel something and they meet another day to have a coffee, later under a tree, they have their first kiss. The days after, they have some problems , but they are only misunderstandings caused by the fame of Anna. Finally, the couple can overcome all their troubles, and the book finishes in a wedding and Anna expecting a baby.

Alejandro Vicente Pastor (4ºA)

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  1. Mostruo,te ha faltado poner que fueron felices y comieron perdices, si lo hubiese puesto empezarias a tenerlo bien. Ahora, en serio, lo has hecho fenómeno, como es normal en ti.