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Moby Dick is a white whale, it is a dangerous animal that is in the sea. Ishmael tired of the life that he had, he decided to become a sailor and hunt whales. He was in the ship with other sailors and the Captain Ahab. They killed a lot of whales but they didn’t kill Moby Dick. One day they caught it but it broke the ship and killed a lot of sailors except one Ishmael that survived.
Jessica Cuenca

TITLE: Moby Dick AUTHOR: Herman Melville SUMMARY: Ishamael is a boy who lives in New York and he is tired of his life there and decides to go to New Bedfort to hunt whales. The next morning he goes out on the ship the Pequod with other people. The Captain of the Pequod has the intention to kill Moby Dick because it ate his leg. The first time they saw a whale, they hunted it but they had to release it because sharks attacked. Another day they met Moby Dick and they attacked but they had to leave it because the ship sank. The Captain Ahad tried to catch Moby Dick and the Captain Ahad died. Everybody died except Ishmael
OPINION: I like this book because it is very great fun and I like reading. I recommend this book to people who like adventures.
Rocío Rodríguez Torres S4B

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