domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010


Personal opinion:
I think that this book is very interesting. There are very exciting parts and you want to read to discover the end. I also think that the end could be more interesting because Ricky is sick and he doesn´t talk. This is boring because Ricky is always in shock and he doesn´t show emotion to the story. There are parts more interesting than others. The most interesting is when Mark and Reggie see Muldano to come in to Jeromo Clifford´s house. I thought that Barry Muldano was going to discover them in the garden and the story would be more interesting. There are parts of the story that I would like to change, for example, the end of the story. I would like that Mark and his family not to leave the city. Mark should tell where the body was. Also I would like Ricky to be better and to be able to talk.
Laura Najes Pérez - CT1A

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