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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (by F Scott Fitzgerald)

Benjamin Button is born in1860 but he is not an ordinary baby. Benjamin is born with the physical appearance of a 70-year-old man white hair and a beard, and already able to speak Mr.& Mrs. Button try to help people forget Benjamin’s age. He is very confused about his unusual condition and he looks up in many medical books, but he doesn’t find an answer.
Benjamin is growing older as time passes and at the age of 18, Benjamin enrolls in Yale College but as he looks like a man of 50, he is sent home by officials, who think he is a 50-year-old lunatic.
When he is 20 years old he starts to work with his father and meets Hildergarde Moncrief  and they marry . At first the couple is happy and has a son, Roscoe. But Benjamin continues to look younger and younger. He wants more adventures. He joins the army and when he comes back from the war as a hero his wife leaves him.
In 1910 Benjamin gives the family business to Roscoe and he goes to Harvard University, having the appearance of a 20-year-old. As he becomes thinner and smaller he finds difficult   to finish his studies and he comes back home to live with his son Roscoe. As the years progress, Benjamin turns from a moody teenager into a young child. Eventually Roscoe has a son that later attends kindergarten with Benjamin. After kindergarten, Benjamin slowly begins to lose memory of his earlier life. His memory fades away to the point where he cannot remember anything except his nurse. Then everything fades to darkness.

I like the book because it tells the life of a person the other way round. It seems to me a bit sad, because many people reject Benjamin just because he is different and he sometimes feels lonely.
Blanca Alcón    4ºA
I like this book. In my opinion it is great fun, easy to read and it isn’t a long and boring book. The story is so interesting and I like when he thinks about himself and sees in him another boy, then a man with different age and them himself again.
Pedro Paricio   4ºA
I find this book very interesting because it is a way to begin your life backwards. I think it is a very original story.
Jorge Martín  4ºA
The story is very curious but it hasn’t action and it is very unreal. In my opinion the story is boring because it is very slow. But, on the other hand, it is a book easy to read and understand
Nacho García   4ºA
I think this book is really interesting because it gives you a new way to see life. It’s great fun and it has very amusing moments.
Raquel Gasque      4ºA
This book is quite good, but I like much more the film, because the book has less stories, but it is interesting, too. I like that Benjamin is different, he isn’t like the rest of people.
Unknown   4ºA

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