jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009


I like this book because I like adventures. It´s very interesting and I like Hannay very much because he is very intelligent and a good man.Richard Hannay is thirty-seven years old. He was born in Scotland but he lives in Britain now.
One day, a man, whose name is Scudder, knocks at the door of Hannay`s flat. He needed help. Some spies were looking for him because he had secret information and they wanted to kill him. But a few days later, Hannay found Scudder dead in his flat. Hannay thought that Scudder was a good man and he began to look for the killers.
He risked his life on many occasions but he was very lucky because many people helped him. Finally, he helped the police a lot to put murderers in detention.
I have learnt that British people,80 years ago, helped each other very much and they didn`t ask too many questions to the people who helped. They didn`t accept any money.
At present, there isn`t enough trust among people and we are afraid of the strange people.

Elena Escriche Sales (4º B)

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