jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009


I think that this book is entertaining because it narrates a lot of adventures and they are really enjoyable. Also, I´ve liked the main character:Forrest.
Forrest is an idiot man. First, he goes to university and he plays football but he leaves university for personal reasons. Later, he goes to Vietnam where he goes into the army. When he returns from Vietnam, the USA President gives him a medal for his work in the war. After that, he is enroled into NASA and he goes to space with an ape. Then, he returns and he starts to play chess and he is very good. After that, he starts with the shrimp business because he learnt it after the war. Forrest became very rich but he shared his money with his parents and friends because Forrest is a good person.

Daniel Traver Martínez (4º A)

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  1. Daniel q resumen más bien hecho mis felicitaciones ni yo mismo podría haberlo hecho mejor.

    Lucas Barea Moya

  2. O muy bien monstruo, para ser el que nunca hace nada no está mal.