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ELECTURAS EN INGLÉS: The Diary of a Young Girl (1º Bachillerato)

The students of the first year of Bachillerato read “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank in the second term of the school year.

Let´s see the summary of the book and some of the students´ opinions.


The Diary of a Young Girl, written between 1942 and 1944, is probably the most famous personal diary ever published and one of the most important literary works of the Second World War. It was written by a teenage Jewish girl whose family was forced into hiding in Amsterdam during the German occupation. It is a work which is given extra pathos by the fact that we know something which the author did not know-that her family’s hiding place would be discovered and that she would end up being captured and ultimately killed in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. The diary paints a touching and honest picture of an ordinary girl growing up in extraordinary circumstances. The everyday concerns of an adolescent girl-family relationships, boyfriends, hopes and dreams for the future- are contrasted with the horrific details of a secret life in hiding under constant fear of discovery. The book has become an important landmark in Jewish literature and history, as well as a powerful weapon against bigotry and racism.


Dalila Eslava Pérez

I think it is a fantastic book. I prefer the complete version but this is fine. I enjoyed so much while I was reading this book because I´m very interested in the World War II. I think I could read it five times and I’d never get tired of it. In conclusion, I recommend this amazing book to everybody.

Paloma Lorente Sebastián

I like this book a lot, because it talks about the years of the war. I love history, and this book is about things which I would like to study and it shows how to live in the middle of a terrible war. I think it is very interesting to learn many things from it.

Inés Gil Torras

I think that it is a really good book and I like it so much because during the story, you can get to know Anne better, and in this book you can learn the way of life of Jewish during that time. I think that this book is very important to understand history, because it is the true life of an innocent girl that lived in first person the war.

José Vilches Orosia

In my opinion this book is amazing and I think that it's very important to know the Jews' life in the Second World War.
Anne Frank describes her life with details and every feeling she has about the war and Germans.

Sergio Anadón Ibor

I really like this book. I had never heard anything about it, it is really interesting because reading it you know things about the war too. You learn about the difficult situation of the people in those years. Anne is a very brave person writing everyday about it, because it's so hard and sad and nobody deserves that suffering.

Gloria Cercós Álvarez

I like this book a lot because it's a real story that it made me think about my privileged life. It's a very interestnig story that is easy to read and to understand. The book refclects the Jew's feelings very well and it's hard, but it shows us the reality and there's nothing better than to know something told by someone who has lived it.

Brenda Pérez Zapater

In my opinion this book shows the hard life during the Second World War. It's a real and true story, therefore I like it. The end is very sad because Anne Frank dies when the war is almost finished. Anne Frank is an ordinary girl that wants to have a life just like any other girl of her

age would like to have, and, of course, keep on living because she is so young.

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