martes, 26 de enero de 2010


"Strangers on a train"
This book is a murder and detective story, to mix both: in this story murders appear, a detective investigates them and tries to catch the bad. Bruno is a psychopath who doesn't mind murdering just to get what he wants. Guy is a good man but then he has two faces: the good and the bad because he kills Bruno's father and he becomes a murderer. Gerard is a private detective. At the end of the story he discovers the truth thanks to his intelligence and cunning to collect proof. I like this book very much. This story reflects the remorses that a person has after killing someone perfectly and how a thing like this can change your life completely. No matter how much you hide it, the truth is always unveiled.
Alba Larrea Ramírez CT1A

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  1. Your comment on the book shows you have thought deeply about murder and guilt