miércoles, 27 de enero de 2010


Title: Seven.
Author: Anthony Bruno
Publisher: Penguin Readers.

I've liked this story a lot. It was interesting and I read it very quickly. I think that the author doesn’t waste the time in describing places and things so the book is more enjoyable to read.

Somerset, who was an homicide detective, was going to retire. He was tired of seeing murders of every imaginable sort, violence and noise. But when Mr. Mills arrived Somerset’s life changed. At first, they didn't get on very well. Somerset thought that Mills was a fool and Mills felt sometimes uncomfortable with him. The first homicide case they had was about Gluttony, then it was greed, sloth, lust, pride, before the two last deadly sins. John Doe, the killer, didn't finish. He killed Mills' wife and his baby because he was envious of his ordinary life, so the next sin was envy. All this caused that Mills got angry so he shot him committing the last sin: wrath.
Carmen Larramendi Hernández
CT1A(1º Bachillerato)

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  1. As you've liked the book, I recommend that you see the film, which is quite good.In addition it's always worth seeing Brad Pit, isn't it?

  2. In "Invictus" Morgan Freeman's work leaves a much sweeter flavour in your mouth, eyes and memory.