viernes, 28 de enero de 2011


Notting Hill is a small neighbourhood of London where a charming love story takes place. One day, Anna Scott, a famous film star, comes into a bookshop called The Travel Book Company. William Thacker, the owner, doesn't recognise her immediately, but he knows she is the woman of his dreams. An unexpected accident helps them to get to know better. After that, they go out many times and they fall in love. Some inconvenient Spike’s words in the pub break their relationship so she leaves London. After a few months they meet again, she realises that she loves him deeply so she asks him to go out together but he refuses. Finally, he understands that she feels true love for him and he asks her to be his girlfriend and live together for ever.
Personal opinion
I like it a lot because it isn’t a typical book of school, it’s a beautiful love story and I read it easily.

Susana Martínez Mateos CSIB

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